You have to see Uniswap's controversial talk at EthCC

At this year's EthCC conference, Uniswap's Ashleigh Schapp gave an eye-opening talk about the company's efforts to work with TradFi apps including PayPal, Robin Hood and eTrade.

She went into some detail about Uniswap's efforts to develop KYC tools as well as their support of centralized middleware solutions that TradFi apps can use to censor, monitor and block users' interactions with Uniswap.

You can see the highlights in this Twitter video (you may have to open the tweet to see the embedded video):

Or, you can watch the entire talk on Odysee:

Uniswap’s controversial presentation at EthCC 2021
Uniswap’s Ashleigh Schapp giving us new insight into the efforts that Uniswap is making to give superpowers to the banks & fintech apps that have been ripping us off for decades.

Is Uniswap fully committed to building superpowers for the TradFi apps & banks that have been censoring & ripping off users for decades?

What does this mean for the future of DeFi?