InstaDapp smart wallets do not have an admin key. There is no single key or multisig that can be used to modify InstaDapp's users' smart wallets. Please note that this only applies to InstaDapp's smart wallets - there is still inherited admin key risk from Compound and any other protocols that InstaDapp supports.

Is the security of user funds dependent on opsec of admin key?

No ✅

Current Admin Key Config

Not Applicable ✅

Claimed Admin Key OpSec

Not Applicable ✅

Verified Admin Key OpSec

Not Applicable ✅

Admin Key Address

Not Applicable ✅

More Info & Documentation

While there is no admin key risk with MakerDAO, there are other kinds of risks including the admin key risk that it inherits from other platforms that it integrates with, such as Compound. ⚠️